Who is pediatrician in simple words?

The expert in curing infants, children, and adolescents is referred to as a doctor. From more serious issues like asthma, diabetes, and developmental disorders to more serious illnesses like the common cold and flu, they provide healthcare for a wide variety of conditions. Pediatrician also offer developmental milestone observing, diseases, preventative care, and advice on nutrition and safety. Their goal is to promote children’s health and wellbeing from birth through adolescence.

What do pediatricians take care of?

The care of children from infancy through adolescence is the primary responsibility of pediatricians, who are doctors. By offering a variety of health care services to children and their families, they play a crucial role in the healthcare system. Our pediatricians are dedicated to providing our young patients at Malhotra Hospital the very best quality the therapy.

Pediatricians look after the following issues:

  1. Paediatricians often check on youngsters to assess their growth and development as well as to make sure they are up to date on their immunisations. During these visits, they check for any health issues and offer advice on developing healthy behaviours.
  2. Paediatricians are available to diagnose and treat every kind of illnesses in children, from simple colds and infections to more serious problems including asthma, diabetes, and cancer. To deliver thorough care, they collaborate closely with other specialists.
  3. Pediatricians also provide care for kids with social and developmental conditions like ADHD, autism, and learning difficulties. Families can receive assistance and advice from them, as well as referral to experts if necessary.

Our paediatricians at Malhotra Hospital are dedicated to giving young patients kind and thorough care. We know that kids have particular healthcare requirements, and we work closely with families to give the best treatment.

How pediatrician care for your children?

Pediatricians are physicians with a focus on treating newborns, kids, and teenagers. They have the education and experience necessary to identify and manage a wide range of acute and chronic medical issues that impact kids. A few of the methods pediatricians treat kids are listed below:

Pediatricians advise regular checkups for kids to make sure they are growing and developing normally. These check-ups often include evaluations of developmental milestones as well as measures of height and weight.

Immunisations: Vaccines are given to children by pediatricians to protect them from infectious diseases. They adhere to the advised immunisation schedule and offer parents advice about any safety questions they may have.

Pediatricians are qualified to identify and treat a wide range of diseases and conditions that impact kids, including ear infections, asthma, allergies, and behavioural issues.

Pediatricians provide guidance on how to keep children’s diets nutritious and active, taking into account their age, weight, and other variables.

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